5-year-old fatally shoots baby brother

This story was laid off on Monday 19, 2015 in Elmo, in the northwest corner of Missouri. There was a 5-year-old boy and a 9 month-old baby. The 5-year-old found a paintball gun and shot the 9-month-old in the head the mother called telling 911 what happened with the paintball gun and the 5-year-old. But when the cops got there they realize that the paintball gun was actually a 22-caliber magnum revolver. the 9-month-old baby didn’t survive. Authorities say the gun belongs to a relative the baby was in a playpen when his brother found the gun lying on the bed. At this point foul play is not suspected, and it appears at this time that the shooting was accidental. The authorities have not determined whether charges will be filed against any adult in the case. The sheriff said guns are rampant in the rural community.


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