I love the world with all my heart


Good Night….

One night my mom and I sat down she told me a story it went like this “One night she was at a party. She was drinking a cup of water. She turned to see this boy some age as her and anything she wanted in a boy. They keep looking at each other. The boy started to walk over to her she turn back around to him standing there asking well you dance will me. She said i would love to.” That’s how my mom met my dad…. The End

the story

    My best friend Tanner changed into a Vampire. I cried, “Help,” and then my grandpa heard me.
He crawled out of bed to come see what was going on. He walked in. Tanner  went after my grandpa’s throat.
I started to yell and scream, Saying “stop, leave him alone.”  I felt so bad that my next step was to hit him. So then Tanner was growing hair all over his back.
I thought for a minute Vampire don’t have hair. Tanner was changing again, but this time he was turning into a werewolf
I dont know what to do. 
I threw a lamp with all strength. I yelled and screamed at him nothing was doing anything.Tanner was after my grandpa and I couldn’t do anything. I yelled, “Tanner! Its me! Are you in there Tanner?” Tanner turned and looked at me. Tanner jumped out the window and ran away. I yelled, “help out my window, “Help someone help!” My grandpa ran out to the car he said, “Come on if you’re coming.” I packed all my stuff and ran out the door. My grandpa started the car. I got in and we went out to find Tanner.    I kept yelling, “Tanner” name. Me and my grandpa found Tanner by the park on the street next to West Avenue. Tanner was back to himself. I ran up to him. I said, “what’s going on.” Tanner said, “dude I don’t know.” My grandpa was calling me and Tanner.Tanner and I turned around the saw the sun rising. I started to think, “Tanner last night was a full moon maybe thats why you changed last night.” Tanner said, “I don’t know.” I started to say, “oh, but Tanner interruptions” asking, “How did I change?” I screamed, “Maybe you got bit by something last night!” 

     Tanner started to cry saying, “I don’t want to be a Vampire or a werewolf.”
Tanner yelled, “I want to be myself!” 28 days went by. Tanner come over yelling. “I’m changing.”
I didn’t want him to hurt anyone.
I locked him in the bathroom. Where no one goes.
    The night was going slow. I was hearing screaming, pounding and yelling. I wanted to open the door, but I didn’t know if he was his self yet. The moon was going down, I went to the bathroom and opened the door. Tanner was his self I was so happy. Me and tanner talked about how he feels about changing he didn’t want to talk about it, but I made him talk.
   Because he needs to tell a doctor soon. The day went by I was so tired. I went to bed. Tanner came at 5:38am in the morning. Saying I have a appointment tomorrow.
    Tanner and I went to his appointment and the doctor said stop playing around.
So Tanner and I went home. every 28 days I have to make sure Tanner will be locked up, So he dont hurt anyone.

The Clown

one scary night I was walking down the street. I was hearing scary things, but the most scary thing about tonight was a clown was following me all the way home, I got home, and right to bed, I closed my door the I closed my eyes. A few minutes I was hearing a scary sound again. So I opened my eyes and the clown was right there…….  THE END!!



I was sitting out side halloween night when a little boy kept walking by the house, but every time i saw him he was getting closer. It started getting late, So i went in side and i look out the window and the little boy was sitting where i was 2 minutes ago.

if i was a owner of a time machine i would traveling to the past to change my life, so i wouldn’t be in the place I am today, i would change how i treated my mom and dad, i would also change how i grew up, i don’t really know much about time machine, but if did i would be out doing my own thing, staying away from drugs and other stuff i did.


sometimes i feel like i’m falling down a big hill but then i get right back up and start walking away, but then i think to myself ” where am i ? ” but then i woke up from a dead sleep. i sat up and called for my mom, she came in and said what wrong? i told her my dream. she said your fine hun. so i went back to bed. then woke up for school the next day

falling is where you can start a dream no matter what it is !!

today is the day

today is the day i get say what im feeling but i dont know how im going to say it, i should act like i know what im going to say then maybe something will come up on my head. will i guess ill find out